Ohh Weddings....

Hi Everyone! Long time no blog...i know i know. I've been really busy this past summer working on makeup for weddings and I wanted to share a teaser video of one I worked on in August.
Here's a picture of the bride that I took with my lil 'o camera:

Please visit and like my facebook page where you'll find all my freelance work. I was really happy to see this teaser video for her wedding. I'm in it!!! Check it out: http://www.jerometsophotography.com/blog/?p=12261

Have a great week everyone!!!


  1. Hey loves you've been awarded !! Check out my blog; http://missjnel18.blogspot.com/2011/09/omg-i-cant-believe-ive-been-awarded-i.html ! <3

  2. you look very pretty!!
    i already followed you :)

    follow me too if ok i'm very happy if I see you there :)))



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