Thank You!!! Blog Awards!!!

Hi Dollies! I've been so blessed to be awarded some blog awards from a few lovely ladies in the blog world. Once awarded with these awards, I have to tell you a number of facts and also tag some more bloggers. I have chosen to share 10 facts and tag 10 bloggers. I was tagged a while ago, but It's better late than never ;) I was awarded 3 amazing awards:
For the One Lovely Blog Award, I was tagged by beauties Linda and Jillian.

And for both the Kreativ Blogger award and Stylish Blogger award, I was tagged by the gorgeous Chelsea Love.

10 Facts About Me:
1. I love sushi!!!
2. I'm more of a home body. I love having dinner and a movie at home with the Boy.
3. I'm a freelance makeup artist, if you didn't know ;)
4. I have one best friend, Brittanie. We've been besties since 2003!
5. I'm really not into fashion as much as the other bloggers on here. I'm all about skincare and makeup!
6. I love meeting people who have the same interests as I do. And yes, I keep in touch!
7. I can speak Tagalog fluently. I was born and raised in Seattle, WA and moved to the Philippines when I was 8. We lived there til I was 13 and moved back to Seattle.
8. I've had a few boyfriends, but the Boy I'm with now is my first love ;)
9. I have a thing for dancers and soccer players ;)
10. The Disney Store was my first job ever!

The 10 Beauties:
1. JillianDanica: Stylish Blogger Award
2. Lindalooove: Stylish Blogger Award
3. DSKSteph: One Lovely Blogger & Stylish Blogger Award
4. Cheechun: One Lovely Blogger, Stylish Blogger & Kreativ Blogger Awards
5. Nessasarymakeup: Stylish Blogger & Kreative Blogger Awards
6. As Pink As My Juicy: One Lovely Blogger & Stylish Blogger Awards
7. A Noble Beauty: One Lovely Blogger Award
8. Gimme Makeup: Kreativ Blogger Award
9. Griiicelda: Stylish Blogger Award
10. MUA - JD: Stylish Blogger & Kreativ Blogger Award

Thank you for all the loving support! 

Love & Care, 


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