MAC Surf Baby Unveiling Event Photos!!!

Linda, Yours Truly & Jess
Hi lovelies! As you know in my previous post, I attended the MAC Surf Baby Unveiling party last night with my fellow beauty blogger Linda and met with the beautiful & talented Jess and her friend who has the cutest babies on earth Jackie! We all had so much fun laughing and eating! Can't wait to hang out with you lovelies again :) There were hott men serving margaritas and bite-sized food such as choco churros, taquitos with avocado sauce, mini burgers and pineapples on a stick, just to name a few. You could get shirts airbrushed at the little surf shack they had in the store, too. I also ran into a few friends I haven't seen in forever! I will be posting product swatches and a detailed haul sometime next week when the collection actually comes out because I think I might have to get a few more items! Overall, this was a great experience and I hope to attend more events like these, not only with MAC, but with other companies as well. Enjoy!
Jess & Jackie
Linda & I
The Hott Margarita Boy ;)
Caught you Linda!
The Margaritas were delish ;)
With Tiffany & Allie
The Goods
The Order list
Jackie, Jess & Linda


  1. Is that CYY on your lips? If it is, I'm still sad face for missing out on it!

  2. @Jillian I'm wearing OCC Anime ;) Everyone was complimenting me that night lol


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