April 9th 2011 Shenanigans with Linda & Lush ;)

So last weekend was my wonderful 3 day weekend I get to have at least once a month ;) I started it with a RCIA church retreat Saturday morning then headed to Bellevue Square to meet up with Miss Linda for the Lush Pinata Party. It was super fun! I had to dive in the pool of people to get some goodies and I was lucky enough to grab a Butterfly bath bomb and a Hollywood bubble bar for Linda. Then we headed of to happy hour at Palomino because it's happy hour there 24/7! Love their mushroom, ham and goat cheese flat bread! I was rockin' MAC Candy Yum Yum lipstick and every other person complimented me. Linda was lucky enough to snag on of the 2 left at Nordies!
Here are the goodies I got from Lush:
Butterfly Bath Bomb is what I got from the pinata. It's a bright pink ball and smaller than most bath bombs. It smells so good. It's kinda fruity and floral at the same time. I think it's a discontinued item because I can't find it on the website. But this is what I found from another blog: "The formula itself contains a rich blend of jasmine flowers, cornflower petals, larkspur flowers, everlasting flower absolute, ylang ylang oil, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, and fabric butterflies. The flowers and ylang ylang oil soothe and hydrate your skin. The sodium bicarbonate and citric acid give the bath ballistic - also known in the beauty business as a bath bomb - its fizz for an extra-refreshing soak." - thebeautybiz.com

Dragon's Egg is a sherbet delight. Smells just like fruity rainbow sherbet. I can't wait to try this ;)

Candy Fluff is Lush's Easter offering and smells like bubblegum, similar to Snow Fairy. I love the smell of this! It's shaped like an egg and yes, it's pink!

After happy hour, we headed to Macy's because I've been wanting to try Clinique's bottom lash mascara. Luckily, it was Clinique's Bonus Time! So I picked up the mascara and the Cream shaper for eyes in Black Diamond. So pretty with shimmer. It's really creamy and water and transfer resistant which is a huge plus. You had to spend $21.50 and these are the wonderful goodies you get:
1. Take the Day Off makeup Remover for Lids, Lashes & Lips 1.7 fl. oz.
2. Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion 1 fl. oz.
3. Clinique Colour Palette with a Colour Surge Eyeshadow duo and Soft-Pressed powder blusher. I picked Rosewine & Pink Blush. The other option had a purple eyeshadow duo.
4. Lash doubling mascara in black .14 oz
5. Pretty Lips Colour & Gloss Duo in Think Bronze and Air Kiss. The other bag had a more plummy color duo.
6. A floral cosmetic bag and a mini cosmetic bag which is super cute!

Sunday was a family day....

Monday, hung out with Linda again and my cousin at University Village. Went to Sephora and the MAC store. I just bought my Studio Sculpt concealer, cleansing wipes, brush cleanser and the On the Hunt liquid liner, I've been wanting to try this. We had happy hour at Sonrisa and then I had to head to my boyfriend's place to take care of him. He was sick that day ;(

Had a great weekend! I hope your weekend was great, too. Looking forward to another wonderful weekend. The boyfriend and I will be apartment hunting! Have a beautiful week everyone ;)

Love & Care, 


  1. You both look so cute! I love CYY on you. Ugh I need to find it now!

  2. Had a blast! Thank you for inviting me :) Jessica you have to join us soon!

  3. for sure linda! we'll make it happen girls :)

  4. I also have the Take the Day Off makeup Remover, it is one of the BEST eye makeup removers I have ever tried.

    Please check out my blog adabintofab.blogspot.com

  5. I love when clinique does the bonus stuff if you spend $21.50...unfortunately I just did the spring one and the one before that I think I have like 6 make-up bags all together haha. Great blog, I'm following! Btw what tattoos do you have?! I appreciate your comment on my blog :)

  6. @Naomi i have a Philippine Sun & stars on the back of my left shoulder with the letter L in the middle of the sun ;)


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