MAC Giggly Blush & Candy Yum Yum Lipstick plus dupes...

The MAC Quite Cute collection came out on April 7th and since I am a PRO member, I was able to order my goodies a week before it launched. After seeing swatches online, I decided I only wanted to get Giggly mineralize blush and Candy Yum Yum lipstick because I am a sucker for neon bright colors! Giggly is still available online. Unfortunately, Candy Yum Yum is sold out online, BUT call your nearest MAC stores or counters to see if they still have it! Miss Linda was able to snag one of the last 2 at the Nordstrom's we were at. It was meant to be ;)

MAC Giggly Blush
This is a pinky-plum kinda blush. The texture is powdery and sheer when applied. You can easily build it up by adding more, but I wasn't really impressed with this. It is cute to look at though. Overall, I would have skipped buying this and the other blushes.

MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick
I absolutely love this lipstick! I wore this to the Lush Pinata party and when I walked around the mall, everyone other person working at the stores would compliment on my lipstick. I paired it with True Babe lipgloss because I like glossier looking lips. This lipstick is a matte finish and is very opaque. Just make sure your lips are well exfoliated before applying this.

Possible Candy Yum Yum dupes...
I swatched some of the pink lipsticks I had to compare with Candy Yum Yum and I only found a close dupe which was Pink Nouveau. Candy Yum Yum is just a brighter, bluer version of Pink Nouveau. Show Orchid kind of looked closer in person, just a darker, redder version of Candy Yum Yum. Strayin' from MAC's Hello Kitty collection is not a dupe at all. It's tone and shimmer make it different.

Overall, I love Candy Yum Yum lipstick! Definitely check your local MAC for this lipstick. I would have skipped on purchasing Giggly blush, but I just had to have at least one blush from the collection since I love blush. and the cute little heart in the middle. The collection had a nice selection of products, but the color payoff of some of the items were a huge miss for me. I'm not a fan of lip plumpers either, so I didn't even think twice of purchasing any of the plushglasses. The other lipsticks were just ok. I'm thinking Playing Koi was another popular item, but it was just so dupable and I have so many nude peachy lipsticks that I haven't even used in a while. This collection does have something for everybody and I suggest swatching and trying on the items before purchasing.

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  1. I purchased two of the Candy Yum-Yums, one of the Playing Kois and two of the Play Times. I fell in love with both the CYY & PT lipsticks right off the bat <3 I got all the blushes and I'm so glad I did cause they were so pretty! I'm excited for the upcoming collections! I wrote up a 2011 list for my bulletin board (back in Jan.) to notify me of the dates a week beforehand for the MAC collections haha! :( I'm such a hoarder..........!

  2. By any chance do you have the OCC Lip Tar in Anime? I'd love to see how it compares? I think all the MACs around me are sold out of CYY so I'm gonna have to settle for Anime. WAH!

  3. @Jillian I do have anime. I'm wearing it on my beautylish pic. Anime is a little darker and redder than cyy. The closest one I can think of is NARS Schiap.

  4. :( I was to late getting to Candy Yum Yum. Now i'm looking for one to replace it.


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