Lush Donkey Oaty Party!!!

If you've been a YouTube subscriber of mine for a while, then you know how much I adore Lush Cosmetics. I've recently become a newsletter subscriber and I am so glad I did! You don't get spam e-mails at all. They send e-mails out at least once a month to let you know about upcoming Lush parties in your area and new products. This is how I found out about my local Lush having an anniversary party and I was able to pick up The Comforter body lotion which was only sold during their anniversary.
This Saturday is their Lush Pinata Party! They will be showcasing and giving away the Limited Edition Donkey Oaty every hour. Also, you can enter to get the chance to bash the pinata that is filled with samples of limited edition Lush goodies! I am definitely going to this party and miss Linda here on blogspot will be accompanying me. We will be at the Bellevue Square Mall Lush Store at 3:30pm! So who's going to the party?!

Love & Care,


  1. Hey girl! thanks for checking out my blog. i just watched some of your youtube videos and i love em!! im trying to apply for a mac pro card and your video helped a ton. looking forward to more of your videos! xox

  2. If anyone else is from WA come by and enjoy the lush party with me and Miss Lannet :)

    I'm excited. See you Saturday girl!

  3. Awww bummer! This sounds like it's going to be a blast! :( Unfortunately, I already have prior plans, I wish I could join you girrrls... I know you ladies will have a blaaaaast! Take tons of pictures :)

  4. @Jessica! Aww next time Jessica ;) we'll let you know ahead of time.


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