Coupons & FREE Samples are My Best Friend ;)

Who doesn't like coupons?! I love them!!! They help me save some serious $$$ when it comes to shopping for drugstore cosmetics, especially when you use these babies at Wal Mart! In these tough economic times, we can't always afford full price and any type of savings helps. I encourage all of you to actually look through the "junk mail" or newspapers and find the Red Plum coupon book and the P&G saver, since that is where I get all of my beauty saving coupons. You never know what you'll find!
I'm also a sample lover and a great place to get samples online is from the P&G website: You can also go to individual brand websites to print coupons such as Loreal and Maybelline.
I hope this money saving tip was helpful! Happy Clipping ;)

Love & Care, 


  1. Just got my red plum catalog in yesterday! So excited to go out and use them coupons lol.

  2. I use coupons too!! They really save you a lot of money :)


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