Holla at your Girl! and for the love of DJs...

Need I say more?! This event is one of the most anticipated nights in Seattle. Why? Because it's the only night that showcases the best Seattle DJs all in one night, presented by the Groove Techs. I'll be workin' it at the door with the VIP list, so if you're attending, please say hi to me ;)

Location: The Baltic Room
1207 Pine St
Seattle, WA 
Date: Friday, April 29 2011
Time: 9pm to 2am

This is the final rotation of our quarterly Back To The DJ event! These nights have been nothing but a well-respected party - created for the DJ's by the DJ's. Giving awareness to real party rockin' skills that is so absent today. For those who missed out, now's your chance to check out what the hype is all about. A packed house with dope true school music. On Friday, April 29th, we're about to set it off right w/ another round of dope O.G. DJ's from the Northwest:

Groove Techs: 9-11:30 (True School Opener)
Sean Cee: 11:30-12:00 (New Jack Swing)
DV-One: 12:00-12:30 (Soul Classics)
Bamboo: 12:30-1:00 (Blends/West Coast Boogie)
Fourcolorzack: 1:00-1:30 ("The Dream" Set)
Spinja: 1:30-Close (Slow Jams)

Get there early to catch your favorite DJ's - we guarantee this night will be live!!

Celebrating the birthday of our good friend Jacques Guilmet. Wrecking crew in the building!!

List closes promptly at 11PM for free entry.
Email: groovetechs@gmail.com.

-Groove Techs (Bamboo & Spinja)

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  1. Hayyy!! I'll probably see you there! =D

  2. Hey girl! I'll be at the door with the VIP list so please let me know wassup!

  3. Kool! How can I get me and my friends on the list?

  4. email groovetechs@gmail.com the list closes at 11 so get there early. This event is always packed.


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